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Moving Mine: Mining Machine Container

Time:2021-10-09 Views:179
In mid-September, the US virtual currency operator commissioned Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd to design and produce a batch of 5.8 meters and 11.5 meters mining machine containers -- mobile mines. In early October, the first batch of 30 units 11.5 meters virtual currency mining containers were shipped to the west of the United States to participate in the mining of local virtual currencies such as Bitcoin. In terms of parameters, the external dimension of the first sample container is 11500 x 2200 x 2240 mm, slightly smaller than the standard 40 feet high cube shipping container, which is convenient for overall packing and transportation. In addition, the container adopts water curtain for heat dissipation and has six built-in shelves, which can hold 72 virtual currency mining machines, greatly improving the mining efficiency of a single mine.


Bitcoin was first proposed in November 2008 and officially born in January of the following year. As a virtual cryptocurrency in the form of P2P, with its specific algorithm and decentralized payment system, Bitcoin has become increasingly popular in recent years, reaching $50,000 per unit. At the same time, with the popularity of virtual currency and its production equipment - mining machine.  From the beginning of the home computer to now popular graphics card mining, the concentration of higher and higher. Due to the huge power consumption of the graphics card, most mining machines will choose to be stored near the hydropower station and other areas with very low electricity costs. At this time, a carrier is needed to carry the mining machines in batches, and the container is just right.  

Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd is a company focusing on the design, development and manufacturing of all kinds of custom containers, including but not limited to tool containers, sewage treatment containers, military containers, offshore equipment containers, sightseeing agricultural containers, fish containers and so on. All types of containers can apply for CSC certificate, which can meet customers‘ personalized customization and export requirements.