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Fifty Standard 40 Feet Shipping Containers Rolled Off The Production Line

Time:2021-09-09 Views:232
Since 2020, the impact of COVID-19 has reduced productivity in all industries around the world. However, with the effective control of the epidemic and the recovery of the global economy, the trade demand of various countries is gradually picking up. 90% of the global trade transportation is completed by sea, so the shipping industry is experiencing a situation of "fire and ice" : The epidemic is severe in many overseas countries, ports are understaffed and containers are piling up. However, major ports in Asia, especially In China, are busy with transportation and often suffer from "lack of containers and containers". 

Since March this year, under the background of "lack of containers", the sea freight has skyrocketed, and the shipping companies are unwilling to pull back the empty containers, thus further aggravating the situation of "hard to get a container". It is reported that in the first half of 2021, among the types of container exports in China, the number of 40 feet container exports is the largest, 1,0356,688 units. The country‘s major standard shipping container and special shipping container factory, are working day and night to produce all kinds of sizes of shipping containers.  

In September, Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd successfully rolled off the production line of a batch of 40 feet standard shipping containers, the first batch of 50 units in total, are being delivered to buyers. At present, in order to undertake a large number of overseas standard container orders, the factory is constantly upgrading and optimizing production lines and tooling equipment, welcome new and old customers to hit the order.