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March War "Epidemic" Standard Automobile (Guangdong) In Action

Time:2022-03-26 Views:141
In the middle of February, the omicron variant virus struck suddenly. Due to its unique super transmission power, the number of new cases in Hong Kong exceeded 1,000 in a single day, and the growth trend became more and more fierce. On March 2nd, the number of new cases in a single day reached more than 50,000, breaking the record. In the face of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, the mainland promptly dispatched an excellent medical team to Hong Kong to fight the epidemic together.  March 12th, Standard Automobile (Guangdong) undertook the first batch of 100 units of Hong Kong Zhuhao Bay epidemic prevention Shelter project, requiring delivery before the end of March.  

It is reported that the external dimension of the container is 5900 x 2980 x 3020 mm. The room is made of standard shipping container’s material-SPH-A weather-resistant steel, which can adapt to the hot and humid tropical monsoon climate in Hong Kong, greatly ensuring the service life and structural stability of the shelter.  In addition, the top of the box is welded rainproof support frame, convenient for the current rainy season drainage. The front end of the container is equipped with door, window and air conditioning outdoor unit opening, and the side is equipped with 3 french windows, which is convenient for medical staff to observe and isolate outside the cabin. Using containers as epidemic prevention shelters, this design can not only ensure the safety of the shelters, but also take into account the convenience of moving them at any time.

Standard Automobile (Guangdong) Co., Ltd., as one of the few in the pearl river delta contain semi trailer and special containers of design, manufacture and after-sale manufacturers, in line with one party hard, plus support principle, the application in epidemic prevention project, active delay line of the original order of production scheduling, factory production and delivery to ensure the medical container.