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Trade News

Types of Shipping Container

Time:2018-01-29 Views:580
1. Dry Cargo Container
This kind of container is also called grocery containers, used to transport groceries that don’t need any temperature control. These containers are usually closed totally, with one end or side door. They are usually used to ship stationery, chemical supplies, electronic machinery, handicrafts, medicine, daily necessities, textiles and equipment parts etc. It’s the most commonly container in the world. Various types of solid bulk, granular or powdered cargoes which will not be affected by temperature can be shipped from these containers.

2. Reefer Container 
Reefer container is used to transport frozen food, it can maintain the temperature inside the container. It is specially designed for transporting food such as fish, meat, fresh fruits, vegetables and so on. At present, there are basically two types of refrigerated containers used in the world: one is called mechanical refrigerated containers with refrigerators in the containers; The other one is that there are no refrigerators, only use ship‘s refrigeration equipment supply cold air. It called the clutch type refrigerated containers.

3. Tank Container
It is dedicated to the transport of alcohol, oils, liquid food and chemicals liquid. It can also carry dangerous liquids. This container should be single tank, there are pillars, struts in the corners of the tank.

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