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Container Contribute A Lot For Human In 20th Century

Time:2018-01-29 Views:503
The container connect all of human station, port, bridge, tunnel, factory, workshop and logistics system together, so that we can find such a brilliant, globalization. Container construction is a very new field in the current construction field. Can be applied to a variety of building types. ISO standard container is able to construct all kinds of different buildings.

Advantages of container construction
1. Prefabricated modules, strong corrosion resistance, mobility, temporary.
2. Rapid assembly, low cost, environmental protection, it’s a special art form.
3. In certain circumstances, container construction has advantages over other forms of architecture.
There are two types of container construction
1. The overall modification
2. Revising building use of the existing material and components
In western countries, the container uses a wide range of magnificent design. In China, the container house is mainly used for site living, there is still big market potential in the field of business and services. STD has professional design and technical team of producing container houses and it can build the best container house for you.
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