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The 20 Feet Storage Energy Container Rolled Off Production Line

Time:2022-03-09 Views:139
At the beginning of the Spring Festival in 2022, Standard Automobile (Guangdong) received an order for two storage energy equipment containers by Shandong Yantai Technology Co., LTD., which were successfully completed on schedule in early March and sent to Yantai port of Shandong province to be shipped and exported.

It is reported that the dimension of the container is the same as that of the 20 feet high cube shipping container, 6058*2438*2896 mm (LxWxH), the overall design for the side with a pair of doors, convenient equipment in and out of the maintenance, the whole container is equipped with CSC certificate and container plate, according to the standard shipping container normal export, transportation is very convenient. In addition, the side door panel is equipped with 1100*600 mm (WxH) steel louvers for ventilation and heat dissipation. On the other side of the wall are four 350*350 mm (WxH) aluminum alloy exhaust fans.  

According to the customer, the energy storage equipment container will be used in a project of China‘s Weichai in an overseas region, in addition to convenient transportation, but also need certain protection measures. For example, 50 mm thickness rock wool color steel plate is laid around and on the top of the container for insulation. At the same time, this container is also equipped with cabinet HFc-227ea fire extinguishing system, emergency lighting, LED lighting, ventilation distribution box and industrial power sockets, to ensure that operators in good lighting, adequate power supply in a safe environment to start work.